IRC survives to be dismantled another day

We fearlessly predicted in the October issue of depaNews that the IRC would be dismantled before the end of the year and in the November issue that it was likely to be announced on 1 December. That was the date of the swearing out of DP Rod Harrison in Newcastle and the Treasurer and Minister for Industrial Relations Gladys Berejiklian, unusually, was going. This was a rumour with sufficient momentum, and provided from three different reliable sources, that it had to be true.

But The Hon Gladys didn’t make it to Newcastle for the swearing out of DP Harrison on 1 December and there was no announcement made.

The rumour is strong and continues. We suspect an announcement is delayed only because it’s caught up in issues about exit strategies. Or strategy. It will happen and may still happen this year. It will certainly happen next year unless something dramatically changes.

It would help if the Minister for Industrial Relations came out and denied it. A nice clear and unequivocal statement would do it. That and a reassurance that the IRC and its good work will be properly resourced and continue untouched forever.

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