And that’s pretty much the end of the year for us...

We are closing the office at midday on Friday 23 December, Margaret will be back on Wednesday 4 January and I’ll be back on Monday 9 January, as we always say, in a January-kind-of-way. 

All of our staff, members of the Committee of Management and President Andrew Spooner, now happily at Georges River, wish you a fun, love and family-filled Xmas and New Year and some even better HR in 2017 as we wonder what lies ahead.

Finally in news just arrived in my inbox (clearly a quicker response than Monica Barone can manage) Unions NSW has just emailed affiliates that “the Industrial Relations Commission of NSW will remain in the Chief Secretary’s Building, 47 Bridge Street, Sydney New South Wales 2000 until further notice as the accommodation at 66 Goulburn Street was deemed inadequate.” 

Well, whoever was responsible for the decision to move the Commission to the “inadequate” accommodation back in June must feel like a Right Dick.

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