What would Mike Baird have done?

Well, it’s unlikely he would have done that.  It was a Baird-investment banker policy all along with bigger councils providing easier access for developers and, while Premier Gladys reinforced the importance of mergers in the Sydney metropolitan area for fewer barriers for developers and more affordable housing (oh no, not again), we can’t help but think the ex-Premier will be disappointed.  

We didn’t really get a chance to farewell him although we have remarked in a number of issues about his hostility to century-old institutions like the Industrial Relations Commission, the Anzac Fig trees at Randwick and Federation housing wherever it might get in the way of WestConnex, but again we really couldn’t say it any better than the incomparable Elizabeth Farrelly in the Sydney Morning Herald on 27 January:

"Baird’s administration was like the worst kind of husband: controlling, humourless and puritanical, ultra-straight, ultra-dull, ultra-male.  Chainsaw Mike.  Bulldozer Mike.  Motorway Mike.  The Baird years were all boofheads and bulldozers, pinstripes and steel caps. Demolish, concrete, consult, in that order.”  Full article here.

The incoming Premier should take that as a warning shot across her bows.